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€ 110.00    € 85.00

We are proud to announce that PROKHOROVKA! game has matched the required number of copies to be printed and distributed. We decided to give the same pre-order conditions and price here represented for the players that will buy the game on this page before the delivery of the first copies, previewed in the first week of January 2022.

Shipping costs on multiple copies pre-orders, until 3 copies, are paid only on the first copy. Pre-orders of more than 3 copies may be subject to a cost integration based on the best UPS quotation at the time of the shipping. Limited number of copies of Biazza Ridge game are available at a discounted price to be delivered with PROKHOROVKA! game. The pre-order price shown is valid only for a purchase directly from (this) website. The stores, in the same period, can make different condition as they see fit to guarantee the best condition taking into account shipping costs, taxes and other characteristics. 

PROKHOROVKA! - Italia + € 6.00 shipping
PROKHOROVKA! - E.U. (UK included) + € 14.00 shipping
PROKHOROVKA! - U.S., Canada, Not-E.U. Europe (Norway, Russia, Switzerland) + € 44.00 shipping
PROKHOROVKA! - All Other + € 64.00 shipping
Add a Biazza Ridge game copy to the shipment + € 65.00 € 55.00