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PROKHOROVKA! game may be pre-ordered on this page or in the stores that feature the game in their catalog. The pre-order condition are limited to the first 250 copies of the game. The pre-order period will last until 31st October 2021 or when 250 copies has been pre-ordered. The game will be printed and distributed only if it has reached a number of pre-ordered copies of 250 by that date. If the result will be achieved, the first deliveries of the game will be done not after 1st December 2021. If the result is not reached by 31st October 2021, the game will not be printed and the players will be refounded of the amounts they have paid. If the result will be not achieved, Advancing Fire reserves the right to extend the pre-order time limit, in any case until no later than 31st December 2021 

Shipping costs on multiple copies pre-orders, until 3 copies, are paid only on the first copy. Pre-orders of more than 3 copies may be subject to a cost integration based on the best UPS quotation at the time of the shipping. Limited number of copies of Biazza Ridge game and of dice towers from our friends of La torre dei dadi  (30 for now) are available at a discounted price to be delivered with PROKHOROVKA! game. The pre-order price shown is valid only for a purchase directly from (this) website. The stores, in the same period, can make different condition as they see fit to guarantee the best condition taking into account shipping costs, taxes and other characteristics. 

PROKHOROVKA! - Italia + € 6.00 shipping
PROKHOROVKA! - E.U. (UK included) + € 14.00 shipping
PROKHOROVKA! - U.S., Canada, Not-E.U. Europe (Norway, Russia, Switzerland) + € 44.00 shipping
PROKHOROVKA! - All Other + € 64.00 shipping
Add a Biazza Ridge game copy to the shipment + € 65.00 € 55.00
Add a Dice Tower PROKHOROVKA! to the shipment + € 30.00 € 25.00